Inter­national cargo transpor­tation

Daizen Broker geography of cargo transportation:

  • Baltic countries
  • Europe
  • Turkey
  • CIS countries
  • China


We carry out international cargo transportation by the following types of transport:


We have at our disposal a modern fleet of vehicles that allow you to quickly transport goods on the so-called "door-to-door" principle.


Experienced specialists of our logistics company will provide:

  • search for the necessary delivery transport
  • development of the optimal route that allows you to deliver the cargo in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost
  • control over each stage of transportation
  • high level of security of your cargo
  • optimization of cash costs for delivery of cargo to the destination, etc.


The specialists of our company in the work are guided by a focus on the client's business and transparent relations with him. For each of our partners, we develop individual solutions that take into account the specifics of their activities. This allows us to effectively implement the goals of our company and the customer's company.

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