Project logistics

Project logistics is a comprehensive service for a specific investment project, including all methods of delivery of goods, consulting, development of the transport concept and related services. Project logistics is based on a clear time frame and sequence. Project transportation makes it possible to build airports, factories, reactors, and other large industrial enterprises.

Daizen Broker professionals specialize in solving a variety of complex logistics tasks: from transporting a batch of equipment to creating a new production facility.

We help:

  • in searching for the necessary product,
  • to significantly reduce costs for delivery of equipment,
  • to optimize the timing and sequence of delivery of individual shipments
  • to take into account the need for complex customs clearance of large volumes of goods transported by different modes of transport.

Often, project transportations include the entire list of transportations in which our deep experience and excellent competence are most fully manifested. This includes transportation of large and heavy cargo, transportation of high-cost cargo, and transportation of special cargo.

Based on the Technical specifications of our customers, a working group of our specialists creates a project for the optimal solution of the most complex logistics tasks.

Do you have a complex cargo that needs to be transported? We will help you!

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