Customs clearance

Our company Daizen Broker organizes the necessary procedures related to the cargo and vehicles movement across the customs border.


Our specialists will help you to issue all the necessary documents for customs clearance of cargo transportation:

  • international sales agreement (contract)
  • specifications for the agreement (contract)
  • invoice, or Pro forma invoice
  • packing list
  • bill of lading
  • CMR (international consignment note)
  • air transport invoice
  • permits and (or) licenses of authorized state bodies for the import and (or) export of goods restricted to movement across the customs border during import and (or) export on grounds of economic and non-economic nature, in accordance with legal acts
  • certifying compliance of goods documents with the requirements of technical regulations and standardization - in respect of cargo to mandatory confirmation of compliance "certificate of conformity"
  • certificate of origin of the goods (according to form "A"; form ST-1; General form; other form provided by law)
  • documents confirming the payment of customs duties, the forms are established by law
  • contract and invoice from the transport of the expedition
  • identify documents of the product.


The fee amount based on the characteristics of the transaction, the volume of cargo, and the regularity of service.

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